Pulau Besar Johor

Pulau Besar Johor

Ever heard of the island call Pulau Besar Johor?

Are you looking to spend a weekend island getaway with family and friends but not knowing which to go to? As most of your island enthusiast friends would suggest you, the few common suggestions have now got you caught in an exceptionally big yawn! “Been there, done that!” That voice in your head seems to trigger the boredom and frustration in finding the right destination for your weekend island getaway. How you wish someone would suggest you an uncommon destination and you being the first few who get the bragging rights for exploring it long before anyone else?

We’ve all heard so much about the islands in the northeast coast of Malaysia, from Kelantan extending to Pahang. However, not many has explored much down the southeast coast or at least not many information could be found on the web about them. This is compared to the few other popular islands like Pulau Redang, Pulau Perhentian, and Pulau Tioman.

Yes, the southeast coast in Malaysia, Johor has so much more to offer than just the Legoland and the unbelievable Johor-Singapore traffic. Pulau Aur, Pulau Tengah, Pulau Rawa, Pulau Besar, etcetera – the list would go on. Perhaps none of these rings a bell or perhaps you’ve heard but not really discover them yet. That’s perfectly fine! Let’s start with the largest island in Mersing, Johor – the Big Island or better known as Pulau Besar Johor. Now, some of you may be thinking you’ve been to Pulau Besar Johor but wait, let me clarify that myth of yours!

Check out the 8 Facts about this little known Pulau Besar Johor

#1 It was originally named as Pulau Babi Besar

As most of us may not have known this, Pulau Babi Besar was the former name and was due to the extinction of the wild boars on the island. Wild boars were the main habitat on the island long before early humans settled there. Locals have claimed that there’s almost none of these animals on the island and therefore, Pulau Besar Johor has then replaced the existing name.

#2 Pulau Besar vs Pulau Besar?

Sorry for the confusion but let us just check again if we are talking the same Pulau Besar because there are actually two Pulau Besar in Malaysia. The more common known or visited Pulau Besar is the one located in Malacca state. The one we are introducing now is the Pulau Besar Johor. It is two entirely different islands which would offer you two incomparable experience. How different can it be?

#3 Calm Environment and Clear Water

This tranquil beach in Pulau Besar Johor is a perfect spot for those longing for a peaceful retreat. Imagine sea waves crashing to the shore with clear water, and you sitting there, as the gentle breeze and warm sunlight brushes your skin – the kind of peaceful and relaxing escape you’ve been dreaming of. This little known island in Johor, your perfect hideaway from the city. Nonetheless, the white powdery sand seems too good to be true, it is not going to be a dreadful evening stroll with a rough walk anymore.

#4 It is a Marine Park

Pulau Besar Johor was once a fishermen settlement. In fact, over the years, Malaysian government has initiated to protect the rare marine lives within 3.7km radius around the island by turning it into a marine park. The initiative was to preserve more than 60 types of marine species from any possible harmful environment caused by human beings. The clean and clear water would definitely leave you with a jaw-dropping scenery. You don’t have to spend a bomb just to fly yourself out of the country to get clean beach, calm environment and clear water. Local island retreat can just be as good as the ones in overseas!

#5 What To Do At Pulau Besar Johor

Pulau Besar Johor is surrounded by few other islands such as Pulau Rawa, Pulau Tinggi and Pulau Sibu. There are a huge range of fun activities to choose from the providers on the island and its surrounding. Visitors are offered with a range of water sports facilities such as banana boat ride, water jet-ski ride, snorkeling packages, island hoping packages and et-cetera, all cater for small and large groups. For those who would like to involve in the fishermen experience, arrangement can be made to see how they deal with their plentiful harvest from the sea. These activities cater for all – you will never be bored on an island with the huge variety to choose from!

#6 Climb a Volcano too!

Guided trekking and climbing have also been popular among tourist. One of the most renowned attraction would be taking a boat trip to the neighboring island, Pulau Tinggi to climb the extinct volcano! How cool is that?

#7 Divers-friendly spots and anchorage area directory

There are few diving spots at north of the island, Teluk Rimau and the south coast of Pulau Besar Johor. The island may have one of the most breathtaking reefs and marine life along the east coast line. Divers are recommended to also explore the coral reefs and marine life at the neighboring island such as Pulau Tinggi and Pulau Sibu. However, dive shops are limited in Pulau Besar Johor itself. Some experienced divers have suggested that the closest dive shop would be at Pulau Tioman. It is advisable for divers staying in Pulau Besar Johor to plan ahead on getting prepared with their diving equipment from respective dive shops, be well aware of any weather conditions alert and check with the resorts for the designated anchorage area which help prevent any harms to the marine lives on the island.

#8 Boat transfer services are mostly included in your accommodation package.

You should always check with your hotel and Pulau Besar Resort or any other accommodation provider for the boat transfer from Mersing to Pulau Besar Johor. The boat transfer services are usually included within your accommodation package. It is always advisable to confirm your transportation arrangement ahead to avoid any hassle. The boat ride to the island usually takes around 25-30 minutes depending on the ocean condition. It is also important to know that there would not be any boat rides to the island at night due to the visibility and tides condition. Now, you must be mesmerizing within that peaceful and superb image of Pulau Besar Johor. With these facts and tips, you can now start planning your next getaway to Pulau Besar Johor with ease!

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