Pulau Sibu (a.ka. Sibu Island) is one of the “Jewels Island” located in Mersing District, Johor, Malaysia. Pulau Sibu Johor is made up of a chain of Seribuat islands in Johor including Pulau Sibu Besar (Big Sibu Island), Pulau Sibu Tengah (Middle of Sibu Island), Pulau Sibu Kukus and Pulau Sibu Hujung (End of Sibu Island).

Pulau Sibu

Pulau Sibu Johor

The name of “Pulau Sibu Johor” is usually referring to the highlight in this cluster of islands, which is the main island – Pulau Sibu Besar. Being the “King Of Sibu”, the island is surrounding by turquoise blue ocean that contain coral reefs and marine life. Along the island is covered by endless stretches golden sand beaches which is just perfect for any kind of beach actitvities.

For the most part of the island is covered by tropical vegetation which made it a pleasant hideaway. The island is also having a beautiful yet rugged apperance with the numerous sea caves carved out of the rocks. The nature outlook of the island was crafted by constantly pounding of the sea during the monsoon season.

For people who are looking to get near to the nature, enjoy the deep blue ocean and having some adventurous activities, Pulau Sibu Johor will be the choice for you. You will be able to explore four islands in Sibu at the same time and you will have so much fun with lots of surprises waiting for you to discover. You will defintely enjoy more than what you have in other islands in Johor Malaysia.

Where Is Pulau Sibu Johor

Pulau Sibu Johor is located 12 km off the east coast of West Peninsular. The fastest way to get to the island is to catch a boat ride which take about 20 minutes. You will be able to catch the boat at the pick up point at Tanjung Leman Jetty. The jetty is located at the south of Mersing and about 130 km north of Johor Bahru and 72 km south of Mersing.

Public transport is the main problems at Mersing. There isn’t any public transport around, so if you have already booked a resort or hotel, they will sort of the transportation for you. There is usually charges for the transfers depending on each resorts.

Pulau Sibu Map

Make sure that you have done your homework and research on the resort and transportation before you get to the jetty. If you are unsure about the route, the best and recommended solution for you is to get the arrangement from the resort that you are staying. They will ensure you arrive at the island safely and begin your exploration journey at Pulau Sibu.

What’s Special About Pulau Sibu Malaysia

Pulau Sibu Malaysia is about 6 km long and about 1 km wide that translate to a shape like a triangular hour glass. A little history about Sibu Malaysia is that in the olden days, there is cannon fire exchanged around the island between the Chinese junks and the pirate vessels. So if you are a little more adventurous and interested to discover the secret of Pulau Sibu, you will discover shipwrecks and the battles lie remained and scattered around the seabed.

The views from the beaches at Sibu Malaysia also made it to be another popular tourist destination. On a clear day, standing along the golden brown beaches that slope away gradually, you will see Pulau Tioman at the north. Besides, you will also have a grand view of another island such as Pulau Tinggi to the North and the strings of other Sibu islands to the south.

The unique geographical location of Sibu Malaysia makes it so special and yet precious island in Mersing Johor.

Pulau Sibu Resorts & Accomodations


There are more options for accommodation at Pulau Sibu as compared to Pulau Rawa. Here you will find a number of small and cozy resorts varying budgets and preferences. Most of the resorts are located and the eastern side of the island.

Sea Gypsy Villay Resort is one of the favourites and popular resort for Singapore expatriate families. You can also find Rimba Resort, Coconut Village Resort, Junansa Villa and Twin Beasch Resort around.

Find out more about Pulau Sibu Resort.

NOTE: Most of the resorts will by closed during the 3 months monsoon period around end of the year (November to February). Fierce rainstorms can likely call off your travel plans during that time.

What To Do In Pulau Sibu Mersing

The main leisure activities on Pulau Sibu Mersing is definitely sea related activities such as scuba diving, snorkelling, windsurfing, watersports, sailing and more.

It is not a surprise that the island is one of the favourite places for divers because the island was turned into a Marine Park back in 1993.

If you come with friends and family members, other than sea activities you can also enjoy a walk through the forests. If you are lucky you can still spot a giant wild monitor lizard! You can find out more about Pulau Sibu Package here.

Islands Nearby Pulau Sibu

If you are thinking to spend a week or more in Mersing, other than exploring Pulau Sibu in Malaysia, you should not miss other islands nearby as well.

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